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Algae Hacking @ GaudiLabs

GaudiLabs open its doors for some Algae Hacking, 9. – 13. Juni 2012, Luzern, Switzerland.

“The algae are growing and as I discuss with some of you before I would like to invite you all to a algae hacking session at GaudiLabs in Lucern this weekend. I have built a very basic incubator and have grown some random algae. Then I prepared sterile soil water and tried to isolate cell cultures. Now I am working on a single cell picker. The subject is hot and I know some of you have more extended experience in the field. So I suggest that we just meet, share and do some experiments together.”

A great group of people already came together, so let’s start jamming… Welcome Yashas, Shai, Sachiko, Ralf, Marc

some ideas are already collected on the wiki “Algae Culure at Home”

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