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CNSX – California Nano Sonification Xperience, 18-20 Feb 2016, UCSB

Overview The Systemics Lab and Hackteria are inviting you to join a 3 day collaborative exploration workshop on DIY tools for sonification of biomolecular and nanochemical processes. Our current guest, Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr, will guide you through various possibilities to access the world of the smallest at the converging interphase of life and technology […]

Interface Landscapes – Class with dusjagr and Marko Peljhan, UCSB

Digital media toolbox for the environment, the arts and interface computing Find more info on the class description on the hackteria Wiki

BioHacking meets Citizen Science, Jan 2016, Bern

We just had the pleasure of co-organizing a full day program of the role of biohacking as a new and emancipated form of citizen science, invited by Science et Cité, who is organizing regular events for the Swiss Citizen Science Network (website coming soon). See a nice documentation of the day on and the […]

Report on Synbio and Biohacking to the German Bundestag

A 300 pages report has just been submitted to the German Bundestag, technology assesments and future developments around synthetic biology. Interestingly it has a hole chapter which deeply describes the role of DIY biology, biohacking and it’s roots in the early works of bioart. Thanks to Rüdiger Trojok for finding and writing such strong arguments […]