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CNSX – California Nano Sonification Xperience, 18-20 Feb 2016, UCSB


The Systemics Lab and Hackteria are inviting you to join a 3 day collaborative exploration workshop on DIY tools for sonification of biomolecular and nanochemical processes. Our current guest, Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr, will guide you through various possibilities to access the world of the smallest at the converging interphase of life and technology on the nanoscale. How can we see or hear phenomena happening on a few nanometers? Or can we even smell them?

We will look at resistive sensors, DIY microscopes, self-made spectrometers and simple photometers, aswell as more elaborate tools such as the quartz crystal microbalance (yes, it’s a piezo!). To sense, measure, program and make music, we will use the Teensy 3.2 ARM M4 microcontroller, fully compatible with the arduino environment. All these tools ca be used in chemical- and bioanalytics as well as environemental monitoring. We will explore and discuss the role of sonification and extended perception for such sensing technologies.

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