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New hacks on the optical mouse 2 OLED-screen

I finally got around to test my recently acquired 4D systems OLED 128×128 screen to be used for the optical mouse hacks, developed earlier. With this new system its possible to make a standalone battery powered setup, reading the 16×16 pixel image data from the optical mouse sensor chip and directly displaying it on the […]

We went legal…

Finally we got a legal status to run the hackteria project… On 16th of March 2011 we officially founded the “International Hackteria Society” with seat in Zurich. See some impressions here:

Hackteria Codes

pd_microscope pd_microscope BioArduino pd interface BioArduino-Clone Worm is a VJ – hacked optical mouse worm_is_a_vj

BioElectronix @ Pixelache 2011

More information on the wiki

PS3 Eye microscope hack – instruction video coming soon…

coming soon… The text based instruction has been published earlier on this site. Sample video instruction – test Credits Hack and Script: dusjagr Camera and Inspirations: Ste/M Tardi Explorer: Stahl Hack development: Alejo Duque, Urs Gaudenz and many workshop participants Further links Sample Video from the Tardi Explorer