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PS3 Eye microscope hack – instruction video coming soon…

coming soon…

The text based instruction has been published earlier on this site.

Sample video instruction – test

Hack and Script: dusjagr
Camera and Inspirations: Ste/M
Tardi Explorer: Stahl
Hack development: Alejo Duque, Urs Gaudenz and many workshop participants

Further links

Sample Video from the Tardi Explorer

  1. 0rel on Wednesday 2, 2011

    Very interesting project!! Great to see this documented…

  2. […] on material i have got through my DIY microscope ( Playstation3 camera as shown  here  by Marc  I built all surrounding systems. The video is as recorded and edited  without any added […]

  3. ic on Wednesday 2, 2011

    In the first video you mentioned planning on posting a follow-up about improving this microscope’s magnification even further. Any time window?

  4. […] we’ll stream live from the BioTehna lab @ Kiberpipa/Kapelica using our recent microscopes and spectroscopes, that we have built last weekend during the BioPunk workshop at I’MM_Media […]

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