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Remote session to Wetlab@Waag, Amsterdam

Again we’ll say hi to our friends in the biolab @ waag, who are also continuing their “Do It Together Bio – build the Open Wetlab # 2” sessions. Today, we’ll stream live from the BioTehna lab @ Kiberpipa/Kapelica using our recent microscopes and spectroscopes, that we have built last weekend during the BioPunk workshop […]

Distributed Daphnia Domestication Programme (DDDP)

More coming soon…. See more info about Daphniaology on the wiki.

BioHacking vs. BioPunk @ I’MM Zagreb

Workshop: Sa & So, 13 – 20h, 15-16. December, 2012 See info on I’MM_Media lab blog and stuff on the wiki Experiments on the photospectrometers… Mentors dusjagr aka Dr. Marc Dusseiller (CH) is a transdisciplinary scholar, lecturer for micro- and nanotechnology, cultural facilitator and artist. He works in an integral way to combine science, art […]

SpotOn NYC: DIY Science

For the recent SpotOn NYC discussion held on 13. December 2012 a number of articles were published discussing the role of DIY Bio / DIY Science for outreach and democratization of science, enabled by tinkerers, amateur astronomers, enablers, as well as educators interested in this field. “Scientific research has a reputation for being expensive, requiring […]

Nomadic Science Lab, Mutamorphosis, Prague

3 – 8. December, 2012 – DIYbio and Open Biology tribute to Renaissance alchemist, makers, artisans, and tinkerers of Prague As part of Mutamorphosis 2012, we will host a pre-conference workshop with invited artists, hackers, philosophers and cooks to connect old and new lab equipment, spaces, and protocols, and define methodologies of nomadic science. more […]