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Shih Wei-chieh (Taipei, Taiwan) - 11. September - 1. November 2023

Abao with labcoat

施惟捷 Shih Wei Chieh works with wearable art, e-textile, and laser audiovisual. He is also a self-taught material science researcher. His "Laser Dye Project" innovates an optical textile printing method by programmable laser projector and New Cyanotype solution, which inspire him to explore the trans-disciplinary collaboration between new medias and traditional craft techniques. He’s the founder of “Tribe Against Machine”, a project exploring how culture preservation works with modern technologies. His current research develops a DIY dye sensitized solar glass made with natural dye in a large size format, which is used for both energy and as a smart interface for sonic art.

Application to NanoArts grant done / not received :-(: https://www.hackteria.org/wiki/Prep-NanoArts

Now combined with Workshop at Energy Giveaway @ WEAREAIA, to be held on 22/23 September 2023.

Research Interests

Another way to make conductive transparent layer with guava seeds and RISO PRINT GOCCCO LAMPS

AgNWs made with guava seeds.png

Earlier Activities

HLabX Programme

Abao in GaudiLabs micro-Residency

HLabX Jogja Meeting


Wormolution - Hackteria Temporary Autonomous Laboratory at 1000 Ecologies, Geneva

Tentative Schedule