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based on this new attiny bootloader and a minimal board to check / follow a fermentation curve time/temp profile and show by different colors.

Working on it for the upcoming Koji and Miso workshop at Dimension Plus Lab in Taipei.

Gär Lämpli - 發酵小燈

What is it?

Documentation on NEO github-wiki

Powered by NEO Coconut Inside

NEO-Prog-Coconut micro.jpg

First Prototype

IMG 20170316 014659 HDR.jpg

Hamamatsu Edition

IMG 20170408 142207.jpg

Experiences are also described on the GOSH forum.

Designing and making the boards

Impressions from the diy-CAD creative PCB design workshop in Take-Space / Fabalab Hamamatsu

(thx for the nice photos, Yuichi!)

Ready for Manufacturing

Unagi GärLämpli on Kitnic.jpg

Selected Take's Unagi Version of the GärLämpli (and thx to Nozomi for nice calligraphy!!) and prepared the file in Inkscape to get extra features and make Shenzhen Ready for manufacturing. See a how to here.

Uploaded the Gerber file and bom to another Github and shared in kitspace.org

The Temp-Sens Code updated

Just play this .wav file to upload the newest code! Find more on the Attiny Audio bootloader on the 8Bit Mixtape repo


The Temp-Sens Code Vienna Edition

The Box

Unagi chistli openscad.png

Designed everything in OpenScad... first for the DIMI-8 project and then adapted to the Unagi GärLämpli.


You can find the openScad file on the [8Bit Mixtape DIMI-8 Github] (soon moved to another dedicated repo).

Or this [exported .svg file] for laser cutting 3mm plywood / MDF

IMG 20170410 200334.jpgIMG 20170409 204334.jpg

Taipei Edition - 起酵燈仔

// 起酵 khí-kànn = Gär (fermentation) in Taiwanese

// 燈仔 Teng-á = Lämpli (little Lamp) in Taiwanese

Coming soon...

diy-CAD | A Creative PCB design tool for Children-direct-to-manufacturing

Diy CAD laminates.png

See now on the dedicated wiki page about diy-CAD and the full github repo

Other stuff to do with it

Adding Sensors

Souvenir Badge for Biohacking festivals?

Similar to our SGMK 10 years badge...


Etymology of gären


and if you wanna learn some German, check this:

Conjugation gären.jpg