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Starting this portal wiki page to all the zines collected from the network...

Small publications from Hackteria Workshops/Labs


"NanoŠmano Zine - NanoŠmano, NanoPunk and the Hacking of Future", published in 2010, as part of First Edition of NanoŠmano, Ljubljana. More info about NanoŠmano - LifeSystem, the third edition, on this wiki.

NanoSmanoZine screnshot.jpg


BioCyber Kidzzz

BioCyberKids booklet screenshot.jpg

Hackteria & SGMK BioCyberKidzz


Folding instrictions.jpg

File:BioCyberKidzz Labjournal.pdf


Cheese & CRISPR

Cheese CRISPR booklet jap page1 2.jpgCheese CRISPR booklet jap page3 4.jpg

Download the booklet in Japanese: File:Cheese_CRISPR_booklet_jap.pdf or English: File:Cheese_CRISPR_booklet.pdf

Part of our workshop with lifepatch and BioClub in Tokyo, we wanted to make a Japanese version of the Cheesemaking booklet. See more on Chrisper-Chäsli#Workshop_Fr._10._Feb_2017_-_BioClub_Tokyo

Zines from Friends in the Network

Mary Maggic - Estrogen and others

Aga's and Agryfp's FermentLab Zines

Pin's BioTransLab and others

Hiking Hack and Dinacon booklets

Gasthaus & Sonmas recipes