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Yeah we have our own wiki page!!!

let go back to Medizintechnik DIY

Sync HeartBeat to KORG Volca

Checking the signals in Serial Plotter of Arduino IDE

Gaudi edited the main Heart beat Code, Spike Recoreder V1.1 to have an output LED HIGH on Pin 12, when a 80% gliding max threshold is reached.


Just connect the KORG Sync-In with the BYB cable to your shield and there you go, the TEMPO of the synthesizer is controlled by your heartbeat. Each beat will be followed by 2 steps on the KORG, which is typical to allow swing and other sub-step rythms.

Hacking the PulseOximeter

Pulsoxy hacking legend.png
Can we just hack a cheap Finger Pulse oximeter, to send out the heartbeat as CV or SYNC to a synth? ordered a few from ebay below 10$ and opening them up.