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Laboratorio abierto Gynepunk V.04 Open science friction   

Durante el laboratorio abierto realizaremos estos experimentos

* Open speculations : Through the speculum and a webcam will review later viewing, viewing and collection of our cervix, it is also useful to do extractions of vaginal discharge neck of the cervix for further examination.

  • KOH/ microscopio for identification of Candida in vaginal flora (using the extracted flow cervical neck.

histological technique developed by George Papanikolaou, who starts to work on cytopathology.

  • [[Performative lab]o[dy Ritual]] Cyborg witch alchemistry :


ritual que conlleva el uso de herramientas de el laboratorio abierto.

Cyborg witch  

sonido e imagen generadas a partir de la interacción de movimiento cuerpos y dispositivos anal-gytales.

Flux ritual

degeneración de todos los procesos anteriores en un ritual colectivo de cuerpos, fluidos, electrónica, código y otros dispositivos.

gynepunk is based in scientific methodology and discipline and in the knowledge that comes thought the experience of each body, ancestral body wisdom, that's why documentation, memory in any form is essential! in ANY format: visual treasures, sound mines, microscopic riddles, biologic cabinets, microbiologic growing centers, online seedbanks, fluids archives, fanzine-paper sms, oral decoding chorus, self vudu healing rituals. Like this other gynepunks will ferment and mutate going fast forward to a explosive and expansive movement towards radical experiments, collective strong confidence, to build our-body politics. Something that is Vital to share and spread in infinite pandemoniums.

[transhackfeministo, tecnologías libres, cuerpos libres, autocoñocimiento situado, glándulas, biopunk, DIY/DIT, Calafou, cyborg witches]