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open science frintion

hard glam equipment

I will love to use this definition below to archive the emergence of the concept HArdGlam . concepts are never pre-programmed. Rather, they are experimental effects of an on-going process which emerge in the doing, and merge with making. I like to adopt the term “research-creation” to describe its activities, with the goal of fundamentally rethinking “theory” and “practice” in a way that overcomes the all-too-common antagonism between the two. What distinguishes the Pechblenda lab approach to research-creation is its emphasis on philosophy as a creative practice in its own right, and its sustained dedication to live experimentation with new forms of transdisciplinary collaboration. Pechblenda lab projects engage in the process of thinking by doing, always with the understanding that concepts are made in and through the event. They practice philosophy as a catalyst to other modes of creative endeavour, never their judge or master. this concept was born building the last special hardware edition to hack science with Glamour. HArdglAm actually and hybrid associative concept that mix Hardware with Glamour.

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