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A crash course into multicopters (or drones)

(Work in progress)

Since recently, flying a drone has become easily accessed to more people. Outside the military purposes, drones can be used as art installations (Verity), aerial imaging/surveying (Wingtra) or lightweight transport systems (such as Amazon Prime Air). Recently, drones has started to find its purpose in medical field, mainly to deliver blood packages between hospitals in rural areas (such as (Zipline in Africa or [1] Swiss Post drone).


Drones often come in two forms: fixed-wing aircraft and aircraft with rotor (helicopter or multicopter).

Comparison of Rotor and Fixed Wing

Multi-rotor drones are made of a central body and multiple rotors that power propellers to take flight and maneuver the aircraft. These usually have four rotors (quadcopter), but can have as many six or eight (hexacopter and octocopter). Once in the air, a multi-rotor drone uses fixed-pitch propeller blades to control the vehicle motion by varying the relative speed of each rotor to change the thrust and torque produced, allowing a unique range of movement.

For this Medizintechnik DIY#Skill Share Sessions, multicopters are placed in focus. They have at least two rotors, but the majority has four rotors (aka quadcopters).


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