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Version 0.1 PCB of Record and Play DUA
Sound and light anim.gif


"A workshop where participants will build small electro-mechanical solo drum machines from single DC motors and small circuit boards. The workshop will experiment with different kinds of sounding materials (metal pieces, stones, springs, paper, etc), where the machines will oscillate freely and develop their own individual sound quality. Once built the machines will be used to explore fundamental musical structures." - from Ralf Schreiber

As always, Ralf's workshops are fantastic examples combining technological simplicity, DIY electronics & soldering with a broad artistic and aesthetic creative potential for collaborative sound / kinetic art-making to explore together with workshop participants of all age groups and backgrounds.

During the TUAK residensi, we have picked up on of Ralf's workshop, the Record & Play, and experimented with different models for using it as a local workshop module in Indonesia. During the conversations with Ralf, we also found the new code, developed my ChrisMicro which allows to control 2 motors with a single ATTINY85 chip, using classes and object oriented code.

New Dual Motor version

With the new code, we have now the option to add 2 motors, which can make especially the individuals sound sculpture more complex to take home. Also we removed the pull-up resistors to save some parts. Now only the reset pin is still available... it could be an option to flash the chip and disable reset and add another function. mbe a potentiometer for speed or something?

Dual version


  • 1 x Attiny85 (DIP)
  • 4 x 1kOhm Resistor (throughhole)
  • 1 x 100µF (or more) Capacitor
  • 3 x push button (6mm)
  • 2 x LED
  • 2 x BC817 Transistor (smd) - can be replaced also by weaker transistors, depending on mnotors used
  • 2 x small motor (RF300 or clone)
  • 2 x protection diode for motor (ex: 1N4841)
  • 1 x Battery holder with on/off switch (2xAAA or 3x)


See here: Multitasking by ChrisMicro


Version 0.1: File:TUAK_RecordPlayDua_handout.pdf

Various PCB designs

Pisibi RecordPlayDua.jpgCrap looper Helmi.jpgFish pisibi.jpgHelmi RecordPlayDUA.jpeg

Ready for Shenzhen soon!!!

Making the pisibi

Workshop "Simple Kinetic Sound Sculpture" at Pazar Kaget, GOR, Bandun

Dusjagr was invited to visit GOR (Gelanggang Olah Rasa), in Bandung, and participate with a DIY electronics & art workshop during their weekend Bazaar. We took the opportunity to try out the new workshop concept adapted during the TUAK residensi, where we redesigned new PCBs for the workshop "record & play" by Ralf Schreiber.

Learnings and Outlook