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Hackteria Kitchen

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General discussions, questions, news and info surrounding all topics about Open Source Biological Art, DIYbio, hackteria related events, tardigrade hunting, Art/Science, lasers, DIY microscopy, synthetic biology for artists, KitchenLabs, fungi, BioHacking, DIY fermentation, BioElectronix, workshops and labs...

Main maillist for all former participants of workshops and labs, who want to stay in contact with the network.

See the archives (Aug - Sep 2011) of the old Lab2011 list here


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The Workshopology list is about people sharing the same enthusiasm and opinions, dreams and thoughts about developing new and alternative educational methods, having fun learning/teaching, transdisciplinary approaches, enjoying collaboration with people (be it children, hackers, artists, teachers and whoever wants to learn anything) and generally like sharing their knowledge and experiences.

The topics are not limited...

See the archives (Oct 2011 - Jan 2012) of the old list from the Symposium at KIBLIX here

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