Electroactive anaerobic bacteria

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1076px-Proposal of catalyzing bio-voltage memristors.webp.png Description English: a Schematic of an introduced catalyst (green dot) in a memristor that facilitates the cathodic reduction by (b) bringing down the reduction overpotential (∆E), which leads to (c) a decrease in the switching voltage (∆Vth). d TEM images of a G. sulfurreducens and purified protein nanowires (right) harvested from G. sulfurreducens. Scale bars, 1 µm (left) and 100 nm (right). e Schematic of introduced protein nanowires in a memristor that facilitate the cathodic reduction of Ag+ to attain possible bio-voltage switching. Date 20 April 2020 Source https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-15759-y Author Authors of the study: Tianda Fu, Xiaomeng Liu, Hongyan Gao, Joy E. Ward, Xiaorong Liu, Bing Yin, Zhongrui Wang, Ye Zhuo, David J. F. Walker, J. Joshua Yang, Jianhan Chen, Derek R. Lovley & Jun YaoSmall textSmall text

Figuring out how to cultivate and investigate electroactive bacteria, which are anaerobes, and also can do cool things like remediate contaminated mud and make highly conductive (metal-like) nanowires for various energy harvesting and sensor applications, etc.

some previous work on microbial fuel cells: [[1]] [[2]]

work with Fran and Felipe on nanoresidency, some resources for growing anaerobes with x-mas spirit [[3]]

D.R. Lovely Talk, overview of their lab's nanowire research [[4]]

engineering ecoli to produce nanowires [[5]]

Cheapest legit place to buy geobacter metallireducens [[https://webshop.dsmz.de/en/bacteria/Geobacter-metallireducens.html?listtype=search&searchparam=geobacter%20metallireducens ]]

anaerobic opendrop cartridge?