Dusjagr's mini-residency

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Dusjagr's visit to THF! and PechblendaLAB august 2014 As always amazing feedbacks.

Bioxido de Titanio

more on TiO2 Photocatalysis

Some early notes and experiments to use Photocatalytic TiO2 / Ag Nanofilters for water cleaning done in august 2014, during dusjagr's Pechblenda session @ Calafou and more notes on DIY Fluids Narratives by klau (partially in spanish)


Can we turn this artsy paint into useful high-surface area photocatalists?


Photocatalysis with nano-structured titanium dioxide (TiO2) promises to be a new solution to the drinking water problem because it only uses visible light from the sun and it doesn’t rely on electricity or expensive equipment. Scientists are working on how to put the method into practice and how to scale up photocatalytic water treatment.

from [1]

Inspired by various recent research publications:



Preparing the PechBlenda Lab

Links to publication about TiO2:

And working on some synths


Looking through the pussy-scope

Rox fresh vaginal-44.png

Rox fresh vaginal-18.png

Rox fresh vaginal-55.png