DIY Micro Laser Cutter

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Step by Step Instruction for building your DIY Laser Cutter

DIY Laser Cutter

Step by step instructionon how to build a small DIY laser cutter from two CD or DVD drives and a laser diode extracted from a blue-ray player or as in this case a 445nm diode form a DLP projector. Such a laser can be found on ebay (1.5-2W 445nm Blue Diode in Module W/Leads & Aixiz Glass) for about 50$ including appropriate housing (Aixiz) and lens . The laser cutter is capable of cutting or graving thin material like paper or adhesive tape. The cutting area is about 45 mm x 45 mm. The drive is controled by two Pololu steper moter driver and an arduino with the teacup driver as described here:

Step by Step


Laser cut acrylic glass supports and two CD drives.


Support parts glued on a base plate.

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Glue or screw sample holder base part on one drive.


Mount sample holder frame.


Screw the two drives cross wise on the supports.


Put the laser into a heat sink. Mount the whole unit on the other drive.


Connect everithing with the electronics.


And start burning.




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