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James first sustained the injury, a pull in the rib cage area, against the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday and played through it during Thursday's loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. James didn't require an MRI, but this is a significant issue and not just a load management situation, sources told ESPN. It was like he knew he couldn do it out in the open like that, but he definitely felt something..

Click it, it was honestly not as bad for me as how these guys are making it seem like. Tis but a bunch of poop in a condom, I suggest you actually look into these images because you really don see these all too often. If you do skip out, you missing out on some pretty vital information going forward into life..

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I didn't get into the college he wanted me to go to. I think that's when he decided to kick me out and run away with his girlfriend. I'm very fortunate my friends family let me stay there for the last year and a half of high school. This GPS tracker is lightweight, water resistant and quickly shows you the location of your loved ones through an app. Kids can also press the tracker twice to send you an alert with their exact location when they're ready to be picked up. This device is perfect for navigating crowded areas like malls and parks with your child.

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