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ChickenCoop finalVersion.jpg

Chicken Chick Chik in Bitwäscherei

Adding the ChickenCam


You can enter the jitsi-room directly using this link:

It's embedded as part of our virtual workadventure map of bitwäscherei. More about this can be found on the forum.

Registering the Chicken as 'artists' (in Kanton of Zürich)

Official chickenForm.jpg


  • nicht registriert (DONE - by the checking veta peeps)
  • application for using chicken in advertisement (in progress)
  • cover second floor for nesting (DONE)
  • add 2 poles for sitting in different heigths (in progress)

rC3 Adventures with the Chickens

Goodbye... and welcome back

Gallus gallus roboticus

Ayam Cemani

All instructions to breed, hatch, raise and buy can be found on cemani farms

Read on Wikipedia.

found via geekologie

Great instruction on how to make an incubator with humidity control:

Other Chicken links