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Hackteria coordinated a Temporary Autonomous Laboratory during the early phase of “1000 Ecologies” inviting international researchers, artists and entrepreneurs as participants. The lab as a temporary construction should allow researchers from the fields of biology and engineering to collaborate with artists and so create links between the “two cultures”, the human sciences and the arts. On the topic of “Wormolution” participants explored the territory between plastic as the abundant material of our society and the natural metabolisms and processes in nature.

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Kat Austen (UK/DE) – Shih Wei Chieh (TW) – Marc Dusseiller (CH) – Eleonore Eisath (IT/DE) – Urs Gaudenz (CH) – Corinna Mattner (DE/CH) – Paula Pin (ES) – Masato Takemura (JP) and all our part-time guests Rachel Aronoff (US/CH) – Scott Beibin (US) – Li Yu (CN) – Chris Obrist (CH) – Oliver Walkhoff (CH)


Setting up the Temporary Autonomous Laboratoy (Photo by Chris Obrist)
Lab Opening – Thursday 12. Sep, Le Commun (Photo by Chris Obrist)
Experimenting together – Kat, Urs and Paula (Photo by Chris Obrist)
Driving the CyanoVan into the BAC Bâtiment d’art contemporain (Photo by Chris Obrist)
… and here it is!! (CC)
The geeks start to play with lasers (CC)
Public talks at opening night, 12. Sep, Le Commun (Photo by Abao)
Checking up with the Worms – Eleonore and Corinna (Photo by Chris Obrist)
Building our own laboratory instruments (Photo by Chris Obrist)
TAL Bruch Discussion in Utopiana (CC)
Workshop “Create a plastic-worm-device for a daily application” (CC)
Cheesy Plastikologi Workshop, Sat 14. Sep (CC)
Late night Lab Jam Session (Photo by Abao)
Yes, we do allow eating and cooking in the lab (CC)

Experiments and Results

Left-overs from the experiments in the 1000 Ecologies exhibition (CC)

See more documentation of our experiments on the wiki

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