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Vibriio Fisheri BioLumiHack-Session at GaudiLabs, Luzern

Today we tried our own Explorations in BioLuminescence using local ingredients we can find in/and around GaudiLabs in Luzern, Switzerland.

A bunch of local biohackers and other stinky-fish enthusiasts came together; Urs Gaudenz, dusjagr aka Marc Dusseiller, Gian Gaudenz and Tuuli Utriainen, and we also got some visitors from the Argovian media for an insight interview and documentation abuot what we really do here (…. do we know?).

After checking our first batch of local stinky fish, cultured by Tuuli for 3 days at home, all seemed still quite dark… hmmm, let’s try some other stuff. Let’s go shopping!


From Vibriio Fisheri BioLumiHack-Session at GaudiLabs, Luzern. Posted by Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr on 5/02/2013 (17 items)

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  1. Kristijan on Thursday 2, 2013

    Looks nice. Had any glowing results?

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