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Workshop: Surf and Turf Tissue Culture BBQ @ Hackteria ZET, 6-8 Nov 2023

Hands-on Wetlab Bioart Workshop in Tissue Culture with Adam Zaretsky and Lyndsey Walsh

Surf and Turf Tissue Culture BBQ is a Bioart Wet Lab BioHackers Workshop introducing Tissue Culture for Artists and Non-scientists. This means we mix our theories with Hands-On Labwork. This is not science training, it is and experiential bioethics and bioart production studio doing the strange work of tissue culture. From preparing your own incubation environments and needed fluids to isolating and ‘caring’ for your tissue sample to end of life issues in tissue culture arts, this is a creative workshop.

Dates: 6 – 8. November 2023

Workshop: 14:00 – 19:00 Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday

If you can’t do all three days, you are also welcome to participate a single afternoon (or two)

Public BBQ: 20:00 – 22:30 Tuesday, 7. Nov: BBQ & Participative Tissue Culture Performance


Issues covered include: overview of the history and art history of tissue culture, the social, bioethical and pure hype dimensions of applications like: lab grown meat, bioart medical arts and engineering of artificial organs, medical tourism for stem cell therapy, reducing animal use in environmental toxicology and how to make transgenic embryonic stem cell clones by the millions.

More info and registration on the wiki

  1. Mauricio Rodriguez on Wednesday 25, 2023

    This looks great, will there be a 2024 edition?

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