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Reflections on the Helsinki City Kani Metsästää – Urban Rabbit Hunt

We finally got some time to relfect on the Urban Rabbit Hunting workshop we did in Helsinki during September…

“It’s not a gun culture – It’s a food culture”

Instruction on sdgtr4 youtube “Mestna Jaga – Zajec | urban hunting – rabbit”

Glowing Mouse by dusjagr

Urban Hunting App


The urban hunting app (kaupunkien metsästys app) is designed to assist stalking animals in public parks. Urban hunting territories, spotted animals, practical advice and background information on species can be added on an open map. The mapping is just one part of the app tough: While out in the wild, strategies can be shared instantly among hunters. While still in development, this app will most probably be THE crucial tool for future adventures.


See dusjagr’s facebook for the preparations.
See Antti’s Photostream.

More coming soon…


And thanks to Nathalie and the whole pixelache team for the great experience and opportunity to go international!

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