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MobileKitchenLab Workshop, MicroCells#02, Yogyakarta

Ongoing events this January in Yogyakarta, Indonesia…

Microcells #02 Week – “We are the Lab” | 25 – 31 January 2012
Presentations, discussions, HONFablab introduction and closing party…
See complete details on the HONF website

MobileKitchenLab Workshop | 28 – 30 January 2012
Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr (CH) – dusjagr labs / hackteria
Denisa Kera (CZ/SG) –
HONFablab Team (ID)

The workshop will be hold in the new HONFablab on Jalan Taman Siswa no 59 Yogyakarta

“Hacking Ankrinan” is about the unique interactions between the kitchen and the lab as privileged spaces where our research into what is the world made of and how it relates to not only originated but developed to the present nanotech and biotech stage. Homo sapiens is after all the culinary primate accroding to Richard Wrangham book “Catching Fire: how cooking made us human” to which we would like to add that it is also a lab and science primate curious and hungry for new knowledge and techniques of probing the world around. Cooking is our first technology that helped us digest the world around and even make it taste better, which is after all also the mission of science. Back in the 16.century the scientific labs emerged from the alchemist’s kitchens and the first experiments always involved tasting and not only observing. Labs became specialized places in which we probe not only edible substances only much later, and right now we are witnessing the reverse trend with molecular gastronomy that is trying to merge the kitchen and a lab again and use all this knowledge from science and how materials behave to create new edible experiences.
In our project we will let these two spaces converge again on the streets of Yogyakarta because we see the mobile push carts, angkringans, omnipresent on the streets of Indonesia, as such first mobile food laboratories connecting science, art, and food. Angkrinans are labs because there you do something with food and substances that doesn’t happen in nature, you modify the materials by cooking and mixing various ingredients so they taste well, and you offer it to various people to get feedback. You connect the whole city through tastebuds and preferences for certain cooking style and meals. These science food laboratories on the streest of Indonesia keep the idea of citizen science alive because they let everyone be part of the cooking process and the feedback, even letting people interact with each other while you cook and while they eat. The DIY and DIWO approaches as the base for citizen science projects are embodied in the street food culture of Indonesia which we believe should serve as a model for all citizen science initiatives. Citizen science needs to go to the streets, it needs mobile labs, wearable labs, it needs to return the culinary homo sapiens to its roots which is in tasting and probing the world around and sharing it with others… This project is our tribute to the alchemist that made the first connection betweren cooking, destilling, understanding and playing with the world in their kitchen labs and also to the ankrinan cookers that offer such powerful metaphor for citizen science….

More Info
Info about the workshop on the hackteria wiki

The Lab Come2U – 31 January 2012
The moving portable lab goes to the street, and everybody can join and do their experiments at the lab [during the day], followed by the closing party at ISI.


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