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Maribor needs us!

Why does Maribor need us?
Selection_212We have heard about maaaaany problems with Rats in Maribor. So we thought we should come over and do something about it….

… and they eat babies!

First thing to do, is a bit of reading. Luckily my friend Mac Cowell, DIYbio, recently blogged about this book:

Full Revelations of a Professional Rat-Catcher, after 25 Years’ Experience
by Ike Matthews.

Download Ratchatcher_book here.

Revelations of Professional Rat-Catchers, after 25 hours’ Experience

So we went to Maribor, working with the people from GT22, reading sessions, book-making sessions, teaching them how to deal with rats (strictly according to the book)…. and of course Rat-Catching! We did several explorations of the urban environment of Maribor (ALWAYS PUT TRAPS AT NIGHT!), asked the locals about their stories and experiences and then set out to put our baits & sawdust mixtures at various places of interest.

See the updated and contemporary version on the wiki

Author’s Notes
We are prepared to go out Ratting with parties of gentlemen or their ladies on their private estates during the summer, supplying traps, bags and nets, at moderate charges. Arrangements may be made by e-mail.
We are also willing to go out rabbit-shooting with gentlemen during the season, at reasonable charges. We are also prepared to bring invasive nutrias on reasonable terms.
Any number of live Rats, snails, nutria and rabbits supplied at a few days’ notice.
All orders promptly attend to. Undeniable References.
Yours truly,
doms, tomas, dusjagr

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