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Interactivos?’16 – 31. May – 12 June 2016

7 years after the initiation of Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art during the participation at Interactivos?’09: Garage Science: WE ARE BACK!


This year’s edition also celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Interactivos? format and brought together an incredibly intersting group of mentors, collaborators and speakers. Under the broad topic of “Possible Worlds” we have selected a great collection of projects, from DIY electronic music interfaces and crazy big balloons to hacking yeast for gender political interventions. See the full selection of projects for Interactivos?’16.

Short overview of Program 2016
31. Mai – Seminar
With all the project leaders and special guests Urs Gaudenz (GaudiLabs / Hackteria) and Zack Denfield, both have been very strong contributors to the hackteria network over the years.
1. – 12. June – Main Collaborative Workshop
3. June, 18h – Collaborators Blitz Presentations
An evening of 30 interesting and short presenations of all the collaborators
9. June 18h – Round-Table Discussion on creative communities in open hardware and free software
Invited participants are Chris Sugrue, Marc Dusseiller, Hans C. Steiner and David Cuartielles
11. June 18h – Final Presentations of Interactivos?’16


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