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Mestna jaga: Helsinški mestni zajec | Helsinki Rabbit Hunts 4-6. Sep 2014

We are happy to announce an upcoming new edition of our Urban Hunting / Artist’s Kitchen Series!
This time we are invited to Helsinki to hunt some Rabbits, as part of the Foodycle 2014 festival ” Fork off!” organized by Pixelache, Dodo and Ruoan tulevaisuus.


Read more about Foodycle and the register to the workshops here. Registration until 30. Aug 2014!



See twilight and dayligth times here

Hunting Guides
Dominik Mahnič (SI), Marc Dusseiller (CH), Christoph Stähli and friends

During workshop participant will get an overview of the city’s wildlife, with a focus on the close study of urban rabbit habitats.
Differnt hunting techniques, hunters ethics, historical connections and working in the city envirement, dealing with local residents, executing animals and their preparing for consumation.

Urban hunting methods are different than standard hunting protocols.

“It’s not a gun culture – It’s a food culture”

Normaly guns and death traps are not alowed in the city premises. So we use box trasp, hunting with nets, lassoes, stones, hands… Patience is the key.
Be preaperd for plan adaptation during hunting, changing tehniquess and work in synchronized groups.

Call for a Hunting Party
We are looking for a group of 4 to 6 enthusiastic participants to join our expedition into the urban parks of Helsinki searching for edible rabbits to hunt and eat. We expect the participants to join us the full 3 days and nights.


* Always capture as many rabbits as you can.
* Never have your traps set in the daytime. I must not omit to tell my readers to always trap Rabbits in the night, and to go very quietly about it.
* One must be amongst them regularly to know their wonderful ways and habits.
* Always be prepared for the worst of weather, and be sure to have good strong boots.
* When you go out in the premises, always provide yourself with refreshments before starting.

– adapted from Ike Matthews, Manchester 1898, “Full Revelations of a Professional Rat-Catcher, after 25 Years of Experience”

Schedule – 4 – 6. September
* Introduction to the workshop on 4.9 at 15.00 at Pixelache Office in Suvilahti.
* First Hunting Session at Sunset -> Twilight: 20 – 23h, Meeting place: Katri Valan Puisto

* Second Hunting Session in Twilight -> Sunrise: 4 – 8h, Meeting place: tba
* Hunter’s Coffee and Chill-out reflections
* Foodycle @ Farmer’s Market, Viikin yliopistokampus 11 – 15h
* Third Hunting session at Night 22h – until we are done, Meeting place: tba

* Hunter’s “Mise en Place” 10 – 12h
* Foodycle – Urban Hunting & ET Barbeque 16h, happi, Sörnäisten rantatie 31

Sunday – Monday, documentation, video and photo editing.

Open participations of larger hunting parties are possible during friday afternoon and night.

Preparatory Readings
to be collaboratively researched during the workshop
More about Urban Cuisine and Hunting on the Hackteria wiki

Rabbit Recipes
Coming soon…
HASE Z’NAcht 16:9 (dusjagr)

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Constantly developed further on the Wiki

Map of Kallio and surrounding

View Larger Map

More about the Urban Hunting Guides
We are prepared to go out Ratting with parties of gentlemen or their and ladies on their private estates during the summer, supplying traps, bags and nets, at moderate charges. Arrangements may be made by e-mail.
We are also willing to go out rabbit-shooting with gentlemen during the season, at reasonable charges. We are also prepared to bring invasive nutrias on reasonable terms.
Any number of live Rats, snails, nutria and rabbits supplied at a few days’ notice.
All orders promptly attend to. Undeniable References.
Yours truly,


The project is supported by various fundings through the Foodycle organizers and partners. The Swiss participation is partially funded through the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

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