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Hackteria workshop @ ISEA2010 RUHR


We are happy to hold a workshop during ISEA2010 in Dortmund. Andy and Marc will go into various aspects of the hackteria project, create an atmosphere of a bio-hacklab and introduce the participants and visitors into the world of living microorganisms, how to look at them with self-made microscope and how to combine the living systems with electronics.

The workshop is open to all, full participants or short time visitors, come in and participate, join our discussions and check out what we are doing.

Day 1, Mo, 23.8:
* Introduction of hackteria
* DIY microscopy and hands-on-building session
* Living microorganisms
* Walk through the urban environment for collection and isolation of microorganisms

hackteria_introduction slides, download here

Day 2, Tue, 24.8:
* Looking at small things
* Building a suitable microscope
* Exploration on the living microcosmos
* Introduction into hybrid-systems and bioelectronix

Day 3, Thu, 26.8:
* Experiments with bioelectronix
* Explorations of the collected lifeforms
* Round-table discussion

Microscopic investigations of Life in Hagen

Look at these absolutely gorgeous images Marc took during the Hackteria lab session at ISEA 2010. It is unbelievable that you can get that beautiful images from a standard 5$ webcam after a 5 minute hack. The sample Marc took near his holiday house in Switzerland is so vivid and natural.

Hydraulic focusing stage by gaudi

During the ISEA Hackteria Workshop session we put together a nice hydraulic focusing stage. The stage is really simple to build and gives good an precise control on focus distance. It’s constructed using two syringes connected by a plastic tube. The tube junctions are glued on with hot glue. Once filled with water (there should be no bubbles) the one syringe with the sample holder glued on can be moved smoothly by actioning the other syringe. By using two different sizes of syringe even a transmission can be realized.

Impressions from the workshop

See the post by miss.gunst on the Home Made Labor : weblog about her in impressions (in german only)

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