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hackteria in colombia

Hackteria has just completed its first two workshops in Colombia. First was part of LabSurLab in the Museum of Modern Art of Medellin with 14 participants from the school of art. Next up was Manizales and a workshop with 5 more participants as part of the Festival del Imagen.

Both workshops were an attempt to condense the usual 2 days of microscope building into two 4 hours sessions… with minimal materials… in a foreign language… with few laptops. Despite the odds, nearly everyone managed to make a functioning, if basic, microscope using pieces of flexible wire, metal grips, petri dishes and hot glue.

Sadly we didn’t have enough time to really discover any exotic tropical microfauna, though we found the inevitable nematodes, rotifers and ciliates. There was one thing I couldn’t identify though…


This is about 0.2mm in length and has stuff moving around inside it. It seems to be some kind of unicellular creature, but I have no idea what!!



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