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Hackteria Futures Meeting @ ANORG, Zürich | 19-20. Jan 2018

When is it?
starting slowly around 16:00 on Friday, 19. Jan 2018… and then onwards until late night Saturday.

What is it?
See also our fbook event.

Where is it?


Thanks to all the visitors and friends who helped to make this happen!

List of Participants: Pei-Wen Liu, Gabriela Sanchez, Tobias Hoffman, Kaspar König and friends, Ricky Yuan, Eugenio Battaglia, Julian Chollet, Benjamin Gräub, Oliver Walkhof, Urs Gaudenz, Patricia Wolf, Nguyen Ngoc Minh Chau, Stefan Deuber, Maya Minder, Patric Kaufman, Andreas Rudolf, and remote contributions by Scott Beibin and Andrew Gryf Paterson, showing his current research on flat-porrige-dried-beauty-masks.

We took the opportunity of this gathering to start with the research project “Participation in Decision Making by Members of DIY Communites”, where a series of interviews is planned during the course of Jan-March 2018, in our role as comminity collorator of the project lead by CreaLab, HSLU, in co-operation wiht Urs Gaudenz and team.

Review of hackteria related activities summarized by Urs

other stories from the network
Discussions with Julian lead to the planning of a series of collaborative workshop on the topic of “Mikrobiomik” to be done through this winter and spring in collaboration with Hackteria, Gasthaus: Fermentation and Bacteria and his current initiative, to be held in Switzerland and Germany, hopefully supported through a wemakeit campain and science booster.

Eugenio gave us some recent feedback and developments on governance models and tools for cooperation and decision making, such as or world-earth climate modeling using socio-technological approaches, and feedback from 34C3, Chaos Computer Congress, and the blockchain geeks.

“what the heck did we do last spring?” Many discussions where also around what the results and challenges were at BioFabbing, which was co-organized by Hackteria, Hackuarium and University of Geneva, as part of the DITOs project. Updates from other expriences within this framework have also been critically reflected and summarized.


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