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Hackteria Distillery @ Jaaga, Bangalore

hacktera_dist_flyerHackteria invites you to the Hackteria Distillery@Jaaga at 3.00 p.m on 20th(Tuesday) and 21st(Wednesday), December 2011. The Distillery is a series of hands on workshops, conversations on Do-it-yourself biology, BioHacker’s Lab-in-a-Box, “bioart”, coconuts and building your own Jugaad BioKitchen Lab.

Hosted by | Yashas Shetty (IN), Marc Dusseiller (CH), Sachiko Hirosue (CH/JP)

No 68, KH Double Road
Opp. Coporation Bank
Next to the K H Road Bus Stand
Bangalore – 560027. INDIA

Impressions of the first day on FB

Preparing the Jugaad BioKitchenLab

Shopping in Shivajinagar for the Distillery

The CocoNut Baerman Funnel
jackson_cocobaerTo make sure we got some little microorgansisms, mostly nematodes and also checking the environment of Jaaga, of course we had to make some Baerman funnels. While Andy Gracie is an expert in these DIY funnels and used them in various hackteria workshops and his own artworks, there seems also other interesting options to add light and heat on top of the soil samples, see Berlese-Tullgren funnel. Jugaad style, Jackson made some nice experiments with coconuts… Let’s see what we catch today!

A Biohacker’s Lab-in-a-Box

Coconut Fermentation

Making the Solid Growth Media

DIY Microscopy on Butterfly Wing Shadows

Discussions on Labs, Food and Education

The Distillery

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