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Cheese and CRISPR Workshop @ BioClub, Shibuya, Tokyo


Tonite another session on Cheesemaking and CRISPR-geeking! Part of the Lifepatch, Hackteria, Bioclub「JAMU Party」hosted at Loftwork, Shibuya, Tokio.


Find the Fanzine Cheese-making booklet here. Or directly download the .pdf in Japanese (thx to Yumi for translateion) or English.

We are hosting an evening of discussions and hands-on experiments bridging topics of traditional fermentation (cheese making) and modern biotech tools of gene-editing (eg. the CRISPR-Cas9 system). Chrisper-Chäsli is an attempt to demystify the current hype around gene-editing technologies and speculate about how we can integrate them into public use, play, food and games for a better world.

See more info on the wiki.



And this was the final stage of our “official” workshop tour


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