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=== May 30th ===
=== May 30th ===
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5) Elution
5) Elution
===June 8th===
'''''[[A Brief Description of What We Will Do]]'''''
[[Preparing the pBAD and Lysis plasmids for gel electrophoresis|The Plasmid preparation process]] | [[The Plasmid Preparation Miniprep Gallery]]
''' A Brief of what we did: ''' <br/>
The plasmids that contained the pBAD and Lysis genes that were prepared were extracted from the bacteria cultures. The unwanted protein around the DNA was then removed. After that the DNA was cleansed of any remaining salt. The plasmids were then cut at certain points such that only the required gene could be extracted. These cut parts were prepared for gel electrophoresis.

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May 30th

All DNA pictures have been uploaded. Take your pick here

1) Extracting DNA from Banana: <<Read here

2) Exracting DNA from Saliva:

Images of our DNA we extracted from saliva:

May 31st

Some interesting articles:



An interesting work:

http://www.edgarlissel.de/data/mnemosyne_II_01e.html (The photosensitive stripes are made of bacteria)

June 3rd

Registry of Parts Exercise

Sanya: Bacteria that indicates rise in and regulates body temperature.Media:Light.jpg


Neha's Bacterial Jewellery

June 5th

Beginning laboratory procedures:

1) Bacterial Transformation : The Process | The Bacterial Transformation Gallery

2) Preparing the Plasmid (minprep)

3) Digesting the DNA

4) Running the gel (Gel Electrophoresis)

5) Elution