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Wave did a selfie with his work.

Weeratouch (Wave) Pongruengkiat, a Thai artist and engineer, seamlessly blends technical expertise with artistic flair, showcasing his interactive and generative works since 2019. Collaborating with local artists, Wave delves into the intersection of art and technology. Passionate about posthumanism, Wave explores its connection with animism—a venerable belief system influencing contemporary thought. Viewing animism as a lens to connect with non-human entities, including nature and artificial intelligences, he advocates for novel perspectives on our relationship with the world. It is this profound connection to animism that motivates Wave to work closely with culture, seeking to bridge traditional wisdom with cutting-edge advancements in his artistic endeavors. Beyond his artistic pursuits, Wave actively engages with communities and envisions a frugal futurism, emphasizing sustainable and accessible approaches to shape our evolving world.