Transfeminism Research Jogja

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making some research of trans community (LGTB) in Jogja

  • Mirota Batik Cabaret: show happenning each friday and saturday, placed in Malioboro street where many warias are acting there.
  • House of Raminten: is a reeeally nice restaurant related to the subject where we went the other day and had a really nice meal and time.
  • blog: Bekabuluh written in English with many many info about warias and gay spaces in the city, and more.
  • blog entry: Malioboro Night, Mirota and Raminten
  • Ladyboy seksi hebohkan cabaret show Yogyakarta

  • WARIAZONE is an independent documentary by Kiwa and Terje Toomistu about the notion of transgender, transgender subjects in Indonesia, and the relations between gender identity and freedom. Indonesian transgender women who are known by the word waria (wanita, woman + pria, man) are a well-known group of people in the cultural mosaic of the country with the world’s largest Muslim community. Through the voices of around 40 waria, the film also raises questions about the politicization of morality and religion after the reform era in Indonesia.