Trans Organs on a Chip

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Biofabbing organs.jpg

Started at Biofabbing Convergence Fabrications & Fabulations at CERN in 2017,
the future of trans organs on a chip is coming to a space near you.
Externalized Organs for Exploration
Gonadrian Dissolution

This is a Work in Progress, please join in!


The Trans Organs on a Chip is a project within BIO-reSEARCH, the Pechblenda tentacles, mixed with AnarchaGland & GynePUNK biolabs.
The project has been joined by many others who are interested!


Motivations for the project is plural.


The inspiration came from this paper A microfluidic culture model of the human reproductive tract and 28-day menstrual cycle by Xia et al, 2017 published in Nature Communications (doi:10.1038/ncomms14584).

Biofabbing figure from paper.jpg

Version one started at CERN (CH) late night at the Biofabbing Convergence (May 2017), then continued at the Co-Lab Microfluidics Workshop Featuring Digital Microfluidics and Cell Squeezers! (June 2017) by the Open Science School at CRI in Paris (FR).
Co-lab microfluidics.jpg Co-lab microfluidics official.jpg

Current Status


Biofabbing organs.jpg

2D or 3D?






  • Video from the Co-Lab microfluidics Workshop final wrap up session on a poster.