Seeds of Contend / Bioassay in your own dirt

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Here we are! Let's have fun together and sprout some stuff that shift to make that consists in no longer considering agriculture as a plague, a sub-work to be delegated to a minority and the importance of not taking yourself too seriously.

"A series of regional events combining a residency of variable duration on site, as well as a research laboratory (garage bio / grassroots biology / field biology) and production, a local awareness and a gathering of actors being usually invisibilized of the sector of activities of market gardening and agriculture and in the squats of undocumented people ".

Early preliminary efforts:

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  • XavCC, Undisciplined Biohackitivist, born in 339 ppm of atmospheric CO₂

Brezhoneg gathering & meeting

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Egypt XIXth dynasty (-1296/-1186)

In the medical Papyri of ancient Egypt, especially in Papyrus Berlin 3038 it has been deciphered and documented writings about the use of seeds for the "detection" of a condition, or change in quality, through human urine. For example, in the case of the first recorded pregnancy test was written around 1350 before the current occidental calendar :

Barley [and] wheat, let the woman water [them] with her urine every day with dates [and] the sand, in two bags. If they [both] grow, she will bear. If the barley grows, it means a male child. If the wheat grows, it means a female child. If both do not grow, she will not bear at all

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