Random Thoughts About Soil

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When is it soil?

When it's not just sand or mud, but contains life: bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, ...? When you add water, at what point does the soil turn into (dirty) water? ;)

How is one soil different from another?

Types of soil that supermarkets and garden centers offer

  • sowing soil
  • geranium soil
  • peat soil
  • soil for vegetables

What determines when it is one type or another? How can we determine what kind it is from a sample? What are the ingredients that the respective plants like in these types of soil?

Soils that exist in different places

What determines the colour of soil?

How does soil degrade?

by giving off nutrients to plants that grow in it
in the sunlight?

How can soil be revitalised?

fallow land ("Brache")

What determines the smell of soil?