Radon measurement with DIY track detectors

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Radon: origin, health effects, measurements, Marco Silari, CERN:


Playing with Radioaktiviät - cool.

Alpha particles form the gas or liquid shoot holes in the plastic, then you develop it to make the hole bigger. Take CR-39 Plastic (from laser googles ?) etch it with 7M NaOH, 70°C for 5h ?

1 M NaOH is 40g

NaOH is commonly used to develop photo-resist when making DIY printed circuit boards... so we should have some in the lab.

PMMA/Acryl should work as well...

Can we use the DVD laser scanner to see the holes?


Measurement of Radon Gas Concentrations in Tap Water for Baghdad Governorate by Using Nuclear Track Detector (CR-39)