RISO PRINT GOCCO LAMP sintered silver nanowires

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According to "Light welding of ultra-smooth and robust silver nanowire networks embedded in poly(vinyl-butyral) for flexible OLED" the welding of the Ag-NW conductive layer can be done by intensive pulse light (IPL), using strong white light to create heat to welder Ag-NWs to form a network to increase the conductivity. An alternative light source is performed in this experiment due to the difficulty to obtain expansive IPL. The Japanese toy kit "RISO PRINT GOCCO LAMP" introduced by the founder of Bioclub Tokyo, Georg Tremmel is a Japanese riso print kit that allow user to create personalized riso print mask by the heat created from the exploded light lamp provided in the kit. This experiment simply compares the conductivity of the Ag-NW layer before and after the exposure. The Ag-NWs used in this experiment is labelled "diameter < 100nm, length > 30 um".

The original RISO PRINT GOCCO LAMP kit

Schematic of IPL welding sytem for Ag-NWs and peeling method with PVB film introduced in "Light welding of ultra-smooth and robust silver nanowire networks embedded in poly(vinyl-butyral) for flexible OLED".
Schematic of IPL welding system for Ag-NWs introduced in "Rapid Pulsed Light welding of Silver Nanowires on Woven Polyester for personal thermal management with enhanced performance, durability and costeffectiveness".

The setting of GOCCO LAMP Ag-NWs welding and result

The Ag-NWs samples are prepared by mixing few drops of 200ml of 70% ethanol with 0.18 grams of AgNWs. The solution is being ultrasoniced for 20 mins. The GOCCO bulbs are fixed on a DIY holder and the top of the bulb is about 1 cm above the Ag-NWs sample. The white light flash was triggered by short-circuit the bulb connector with a 9V battery. The SEM photo of the unweldered and weldered samples were compared below but no signs of any welding was found. Additionally, the colorized SEM photo shows there's some glues attached on the silver nanowires which might cause decrease of the conductivity, indicating the need of acetone bath before the white light exposure. Also, the reflective surface in the original GOCCO bulb case is needed to increase the exposure heat in order to obtain the expected Ag-NW networks.


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