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*And now continues in [http://interference.io/ Interference] - amsterdam august 2014
*And now continues in [http://interference.io/ Interference] - amsterdam august 2014
===DIY Fluids Narratives===
[[DIY Fluids Narratives]] River ANALysys hardware Prototypes & Polluted Industrial Environment Dialectics
River ANALysys hardware Prototypes & Polluted Industrial Environment Dialectics
'''keywods''': ''poluted river, diy rescue technics, bioremediation, hardwaehacks, heavy metal pollution, catalunya industrial contamination, liquid hardware-data-analysis, estrogens, vitelogenina,  Alquilfenoles (APE), lead, nitrates, intersex fishes.
‘Water’s is substance through whose movements we can trace histories of colonialism, underdevelopment and the flow of capital. Water might be understood as a materialization of structures of social power. Water sustains life and also sustain communities.
Our Waterscapes are full of traces of industrial past and present, fluid scars of the brutality of industrialization fever, neo-liberal appropriation of resources and criminal multinational [http://www.movimientom4.org/page/2/?s=agua neoextaccionism] minery.
Water, water everywhere, but [http://www.fairytalescollection.com/HansChristianAndersen/TheDropofWater.aspx not a drop] to drink.
This letal Hydropolitic is based on water access and control, that don't let us another option that depend in privatized "clean" water. This presentation will review the paradigms of hydrological conditions and water management practices In the context o catalunya rivers in where the XIX century rise of industrial colonies take place, the toxic waste trough in their flows have transformed in poison magma streams, affecting the environmental health. Our own Styx & Acheron fluvial nightmare.
The [http://hackteria.org/wiki/index.php/pechblenda#ANOIA_RIVERhttp://freakabolic.hotglue.me/?anoiaAnoia river] is one of this death rivers, more than 100 years of continuous pollution from textile, leather an paper industries between others, have shape an environment that has reach the point of mutate the fishes that still survive to intersex creatures, consequence of high levels of estrogens and other hormones, so their are unable to reproduce anymore. And this is only one example.
So, how can this be reversed? is possible anyway? The first step before start to experiment [http://www.cleanupconference.com/programc.html bio-remediation technichs] will be getting the right tools of accurate analysis and monitoring. WE have to be able to create tools that do not need to depend on private and expensive laboratorie analysis reports, cause they are also polluters.
I will share some past experiences:[http://hackteria.org/wiki/Environmental_Monitoring_of_the_Rivers_in_Yogya Yogja]-[http://cooperation.epfl.ch/2014Tech4Dev/WaterHackathon Lausanne]] about river data analysis, unfortunately this hacking experiences are always situated experiences in other rivers, with different conditions, pollution, geographical flows and community symbiosis. The aim will be to share knowledge about DIY hardware like [http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0023783 CheapStat] and get a golden rain of ideas focus in Anoia context, and mapping the maximum of possibilities like density, light spectrum, flow, magnetism, bacteria hacking, etc, etc.
*Calafou polluted river in ''freakabolic'' project:
**[http://freakabolic.hotglue.me/?anoia Anoia visual overview]
**[http://freakabolic.hotglue.me/?mwater Info estrategies]
*[https://cooperativa.ecoxarxes.cat/g/gt-rehabilitaci%C3%B3n+aqua Water working group in calafou]
*[https://we.riseup.net/indopech+anoia Some research about the river made for hlab2014]
=== Kind of Pollution ===
*[https://cooperativa.ecoxarxes.cat/file/view/250179/disruptores-endocrinos-alquilfenoles-ape-feminizacion-de-peces-en-rios-espanoles DISRUPTORES ENDOCRINOS . Alquilfenoles (APE)]
*[https://cooperativa.ecoxarxes.cat/file/view/250177/plomo-rio-anoia Lead]
*[https://cooperativa.ecoxarxes.cat/file/view/250185/nitratos-en-anoia Nitrate]
== Developing Devices ==
== Developing Devices ==

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Water Hackathon 6-7 June 2014Open Source Technologies for Rivers, Oceans and Lakes - Explore the Possibilities of Open Hardware for Open Science Projects


  • This research starts for the hackterialab yogja april 2014: here the dossier
  • Was expanded on Water Hackathon 6-7 June 2014
  • And now continues in Interference - amsterdam august 2014

DIY Fluids Narratives River ANALysys hardware Prototypes & Polluted Industrial Environment Dialectics

Developing Devices