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== HLAB2014 26 audioPerfos ==
== HLAB2014 26 audioPerfos ==
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[[File:Fist postOP.jpg|thumb|none]]
[[File:Fist postOP.jpg|thumb|none]]
Here sharing local plants for usual affections to some bodies arround.
Some of them are cronic, some temporary depending on the enviroment.
===Urinary INfections===
*Centella asiatica ( Pegagan ) [http://baliherbs.blogspot.com/2011/05/centella-asiatica-pegagan.html Indonesian Herbs Information Centre]
*Kumis Kucing  [http://indonesianplants.blogspot.com/2012/12/kumis-kucing-orthosiphon-aristatus-b1.html Exotic Plants in Indonesia ]
*[http://healthtohappinies.blogspot.com/2012/04/plants-binahong-wonder-of-indonesia.html binahong]" .. from wiki: (Latin : Bassela rubra linn, Inggris : Heartleaf maderavine madevine, Cina : Deng san chi)
===Foot Funghis===
Autonomous ginecologyLAB
ANARCHA biopunk - DIY bodyaction - radical SelFpower
*Analisis of fluids - self citology - gynecitologia DIY
(citos del griego >> célula)
**ginecológica - examen
**secreciones y fluidos
**en fase líquida
*[https://network23.org/pechblendalab/2013/12/12/the-art-of-cytology-honor-fell/ The Arte of Cytology - Honor Fell]
=== BIOPSIAS ===
**biopsia dermatológica
*IMATECA.. open public Image found archive
[[File:Cytoscopy atlas.jpg|thumb]]
ginocitologia DIY
ginocitologia punk
=== Lab tools equipment ===
**[http://radio.uchile.cl/2013/08/05/ecografo-portatil-tecnologia-medica-al-servicio-de-la-sociedad Chilean article]
[http://ebays.com.ua/catalog/show/320645801233/ ebay portabe ultrasound with tranducer]

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Hardlab TransHackFeminista

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In Pechblenda macho attitudes, assistentialism, invasive and patriarchal behaviors are NOT welcome. Sick of the filthy dust, montonous and boring, of stagnant, unbreathable, competitive and excluding environments, of semi-free information which is actually totally controlled, power and decision of hunched up egocentric and infantile machos. Tired of repressed, impenetrable and homogenous bodies, we are resetting and migrating our bodies, modificable codes, lubricated and fluid, far from this sad landscape.

 "I don't believe in "gender violence", I think that gender itself is the violence, that the norms of masculinity and femininity,
  as we know them, produce violence."  Beatriz Preciado - OMINIA MEA MECUM PORTO

HLAB2014 Workshop Propousals

HLAB2014 Research

Transfeminism_Research_Jogja BIO-reSEACRH

HLAB2014 26 audioPerfos


Here some very very close friends works that are keys for our pleasure, inspiration and experimentation

SXK turing test


An interactive sensorial installation and performance that proposes a corporal relationship experience with an unknown person. Quimera Rosa project Critical Arts Ensemble


Pornotopedia A space to think and create toys, prothesis es un espacio para pensar y crear juguetes, protesis y ortopedia con fines sexuales pensados para todxs, teniendo en cuenta también otras movilidades y maneras de sentir el cuerpo.

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