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(BioCyber Kidzz)
(BioCyber Kidzz)
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=== BioCyber Kidzz ===
=== BioCyber Kidzz ===
====Short Description (please translate and use english and slovenian====
====Short Description (please translate and use english and slovenian====
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Authors: Monika Pocrnjić, Maya SMrekar, Marc Dusseiller & Špela Petrič
Authors: Monika Pocrnjić, Maya SMrekar, Marc Dusseiller & Špela Petrič
===Glossary ===
===Glossary ===

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Let's make a zine

Putting together a non-complete list of workshops and sessions around the topic

Make you own CRISPR-Baby - Swissnex, San Francisco, USA - 2019

Make you own CRISPR-Baby

Transgenic ballistics and birth of a baby melon

Biolistic diorama.png

Syringes slime biohackers edit02.jpg

CRISPR Kit Reflections - Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany - 2016

CRISPR Kit Reflections at The Laboratory Solitude - Dec 2016



BioCyber Kidzz

BioCyberKidzz LabSetup Linz.JPG

Short Description (please translate and use english and slovenian

Hacking the human body has become commonplace and many people have body modifications such as tattoos, piercings or even advanced medical prosthetics. Simple and playful body hacks that allow enhancing our human performance can be made with just few and cheap materials, such as cardboard, magnets and LEDs. In this playful laboratory setting we will investigate with the children: hearing with a Bio-Acoustics Ear and hacking their touch perception by the Magnetic Finger or a Disco-on-a-Fingertip and finally explore a Photosynthetic Skin.

Authors: Monika Pocrnjić, Maya SMrekar, Marc Dusseiller & Špela Petrič



  • Body Augmentation - a deliberate modification of the body to change or improve its properties/performance.
  • Biomimicry - imitating a shape or phenomenon found in nature.
  • Body Hacks - playful modifications of the human body using easily accessible materials.
  • Enhanced Sensory Perception - the ability to sense things better than we usually do or beyond the five senses (touch, sight, sound, smell, taste)
  • Photosynthesis - the biological process of turning light into energy rich organic compounds, found in algae, plants and some microorganisms.
  • LED - Light Emitting Diode, an electrical component that turns an electric current into light.
  • Permanent Magnet - a material that produces a magnetic field, a force that pulls on other ferromagnetic materials, such as iron.
  • Sodium Alginate - a ionic polysaccharide from brown algae that turns into a gel when you mix it with bivalent calcium ions.


BioCyber Kidzz - zB Finger hacks

Garage, Moscow - Body augmentations (see attached image)

(Garage - Mit Adam, Biolistic DIY GeneGun)

Solitude, Stuttgart - Design Speculations on CRISPR-Kits

Tokyo - Chrisper-Chäsli

San Francisco - Make-Your-Own-CRISPR Baby