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mabye reschedule to 5 - 9 of May due to family issue in lj.

Relevant links for Kapelica Gallery

Jurij Krpan, Curator

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Jurij Krpan is artistic director of Kapelica Gallery – Gallery for Contemporary Investigative Arts, Ljubljana which was established in 1995. He is also art director of BioTehna, a Platorm for Artististic Research of Life Systems established in 2012. As curator and selector he has participated in domestic and international festivals, the biggest international productions to date being the organization and artistic management of the Slovenian pavilion at the 50th VENICE BIENNALE in 2003 and the conceptual gallery Cosinus BRX at the European Commission building in Brussels 2006-2010 and the 5.th trienial of Contemporary Investigative Arts 2006 at Museum of Modern Art – Ljubljana. In September 2008 he curated the presentation of the Gallery Kapelica in the Featured Art Scene section of Ars Electronica in Linz. Jurij Krpan lectures about the artistic profile and curatorial practice of the Kapelica Gallery in Slovenia as well as abroad.

Slideshow of recent projects in Kapelica Gallery


The Swiss Tour of Kapelica / BioTehna is supported by a grant through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.

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Relevant links on Hackteria

“Hackteria is a network of people practicing DIY (do-it-yourself) biology with an interest in art, design and interdisciplinary cooperation. The network was founded in 2009 by Yashas Shetty, Andy Gracie and Marc Dusseiller and now includes not only scientists, engineers and artists, as you would expect, but also philosophers, entrepreneurs, and even foodies and chefs. Hackteria operates on a global scale, and is based on a web platform and a wiki for sharing knowledge, which enable anyone to learn but also test different ways of hacking living systems. Hackteria is not based in a physical space, and its goal is to allow artists, scientists and hackers to collaborate and test various biohacking and bioart techniques outside the official laboratories and art institutions, basically anywhere in the world.” - Denisa Kera, 2012

Interesting Interviews

Interview / Documentary on Hackteria (2010), German with Engl. subtitles

more about DIY microscopy

Raw cut movie on HackteriaLab 2013 - Bangalore

Links of initiatives in Switzerland

Perla Moda / Message Salon, Zürich

HEK Basel

EPFL, Lausanne:

HEAD, Geneva:

Mapping festival, Geneva:

Saturday evening, 4th may, electronic music:

Tuesday, 6th may, conference:

installations closed on monday, 5th.

artists-in-labs and stuff, Zurich/global:

Meeting in Zurich could be possible, maybe wednesday? Jill Scott has a broken leg, but we could visit her at home in Zurich

Homemade Bio-electronic Arts, Migros Kulturprozent