Input Lectures on DIY, MedTech and Hacklabs

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Overview of Input lectures held for Medizintechnik DIY Winterschool 2018

General Intro by U. Gaudenz

Urs presentation DIY-MedTech.jpg

How I ended up loving the Coconnut by M. Dusseiller

Overview of dusjagr's background from nanobiotechnology to making cheese and global workshopology. The role of temporary labs for collaborative prototyping, examples from Taiwan, Indonesia and Switzerland. Hackerspaces crossing digital- and biotechnologies.

Videos showed in presentation:

Playaround Taiwan, 2009, Tech Nomads

Impressions from visit to Yogyakarta

from dusjagr's personal archive

iArm Prothese - is it real?

Jaipur Foot

Iron Man from Bali

HackteriaLab 2014 - Yogyakarta

Klangkunst - Laborvertonung mit Kaspar König - Edition 2018

Kaspar DIYMedtech.jpg