How to start a nanolab

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The Three Laws of Nanolabs

  • Never start a Nanolab alone
  • No Nano without Šmano
  • tba


Because nanotechnology is situated at the interface of many disciplines it is best to organize some basic gear from various sources, such as a local electronics store, gardening shops or various online suppliers for household tools and electronic gadgets. You will need to set up some basic laboratory instruments for doing simple biology, chemistry, fabrication&manufacturing and some physical computing to connect everything to your computer.


Water, electricity and internet


The first thing to get is a bunch of lasers, you can order them from various online sources directly from HK or China. Lasers are great tools to detact very, very small things, tiny movements or induce light-dependant effects on nanoscale materials. Red lasers will do for most of the application, but getting some of those strong green ones or even other colors might come in handy.

Lab Gear

To be able to work with all the stuff get some simple household appliances and containers.


For example a balance will always help to measure certain quantities of materials, you might need one for larger weights such as a few grams to kilograms and o coffee machinene with a higher sensitivity to weigh small amounts such as a few miligramms.

Electric oven

An electric oven, like a simple toaster oven any other small device, is quite useful, check if you cant properly control temperature (between 50 - 250°C) and time, and not only the time.


Punps are great to transport liquids or change pressures. you can find both for liquids and air in any pet supply shop. You will also need various containers.

Bunsen Burner

tweezers, scalpels

e ruhige hand


sterilisator liquids




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