Hackteria Redeployment Plan

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Hackteria Open Source Biological Art, DIY Biology, Generic Lab Equipement

Hackteria is an international network active since 2009 in the field of Open Source Biological Art. The aims are to foster our global network, and to provide practical guides for the curious (bio-)artist, (bio-)hacker and educator.

Hackteria Branches:

Hackteria Lab – Global Gathering of Network Actors

J'aime – Community of practice in Education

Hackteria Global Residency Program

The development of a global residency program should allow people to travel globaly and make new experiences in different environments and projects.

Hackteria Network Projects

Hackterias excellent international relations in the global Bio-Art network give access to renowned artists, scientists and community specialists allike. Projects run in within the network can profit and strengthen these relationships.

Changes to the association

  • more clearly add / remove members
  • setup up an advisory board