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Kimchi or the Art of getting to know your local Veggie-µBiomes


See some info on KIMCHI or the Art of Fermentation

Tools & Methods for Adriatic Plankton Fishing

Plankton are small from 1.5mm and smaller

References :

The user-friendly guide to coastal planktonic ciliates MC Strüder-Kypke, ER Kypke, S Agatha, J Warwick, DJS Montagnes Planktonic ciliates are microplankton (20 - 200 µm in size; Sieburth et al. 1978). The most common methods for sampling, fixing, and staining these organisms are briefly described and/or referenced on this page. In the data sheets we include pictures obtained using these techniques.

A rapid analysis of copepod feeding using FlowCAM Keiichiro Ide*, Kazutaka Takahashi, Akira Kuwata, Miwa Nakamachi and Hiroaki Saito

MAREDAT: towards a world atlas of MARine Ecosystem DATa, E. T. Buitenhuis et. al

Galeb Harbor Culture Plates

sampling galebs microbiome special salty nutrient plates were set up ..

Is your Squid Glowing yet? (And what about the smell...?)

We obtained fresh small squid(loligo vulgaris?/driatic squid?) from the rijeka market (and also some octopus probably octopus vulgaris) We obtained some ice we incubated the squids (est approx 10cm mantle length) Container 1) 2 squid in asw which is 36gm sea salt + water 2) 1 squid in asw 3) 2 squid in harbor seawater media (possibly with nutrient enhancement such as glycerol. Marc?

after 24 hours in this medium the results were observed in near total darkness in artificial cushion cave (ACC) constucted by participants and hackteria crew.

Hypothesis was would the natural water support light, or was it too polluted?


[1] Y [2] Y [3] Y

we had a lack of controls for example, squid in chlorinated water, water only.

Was satisfying to see that the octopus also glowed in its own juices.

Brian buys squid.jpg

Photobacterium phosphoreum.jpg

See more on Explorations in BioLuminescence