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Hackteria Cultivates the unMonastery Matera bioMaterials. (Webcast->HKW)

Narrative: During the unMonastery presence in Matera, more than ideas or works were exchanged. There were also generous exchanges of bios/logos/microbes that thrived in a new environment. During the eight months presence these will have inevitably generated a unique extended phenotype .

Even though the unMonasterians have left Matera, they also carry it with them; in crannies on their skin, or inside their bodies they will have transported Matera bioMaterials via over a dozen different countries on their road to the Berlin unMon Apartment. Over the leadup week, the presence of Materan bioMaterials have gradually 'infected' the unMon Apartment.

Now it is time to see if we Hacteriasta's can capture it and render it visible with the basic microbiological method of agar plate cultivation.

over the 4 days of TM - Media mixing - Sampling the environment - Cultivating the petrie dishes - Exposing the result

[nice webcam : super wide 120 degrees